Are you a new NRC employee in the AD, AS, CS, OP, PG or TO groups?

If so, you will probably have noticed that union dues are being deducted from your paycheque. You might think that this means that you are automatically a member of the RCEA. You are not. Based on an old legal decision, all employees that are covered by a collective agreement must pay dues, even if they do not join the union. This is called the Rand Formula. To actually become a member of the RCEA, you must complete a membership card and return it to the RCEA office. Once this is done, you will receive all information applicable to your group, you will have the right to vote on the ratification of collective agreements, and you will be entitled to vote in RCEA elections. If you do not complete a membership card, you will not get to do any of these things, but your dues will still be collected.

Have a voice in your own employment.
Have a voice in your union.
Sign your membership card!

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